Our Investment Principles
1. Global Macro Trading

Our innovative trading technology was designed and created by countless economic and mathematical formulas. This is the key to StoneWater's success and will be the profound core of our investment principles.

2. Momentum is King

Our Supply and Demand model allows us to anticipate directional moves in the markets providing consistency, transparency and security to our clients. Momentum provides the fundamental basis for our portfolios.

3. Risk & Money Management

Formulated risk management and position sizing allows StoneWater to withstand long periods of drawdowns. It is our firm belief that risk management is the key to success in this industry and we pride ourselves for placing this as one of our core principles.



Our objective is to provide consistent, positive returns over time, regardless of the economic climate


Offering a range of products to suit the clients needs, we explain all decisions made


The MDA structure allows for clients to have complete control of their funds at all times