Since our inception, StoneWater has been totally focused on building an outstanding, quality managed fund.
StoneWater Capital Management Directors

StoneWater Capital Management is a boutique investment fund catering to a wholesale clientele. We offer our unique Mechanical Trading System® to give us our competitive edge. With historical evidence and impressive traction we have fine tuned our algorithm so you can feel comfortable that your money is in good hands. We pride ourselves in providing what we call 'wealth management', our own intelligent growth formula.

At StoneWater we are fundamentally about making sure the client has an exceptional experience. Where other funds are mostly concerned with profits and margins we take great pride in the fact that our clients feel comfortable with us and our unique strategy. The team we have built is second to none, using a multitude of knowledge across multiple disciplines. That is the StoneWater difference.

At StoneWater we believe in aligning our goals with our clients. For this reason the Fund is owned and operated by staff who are also substantial investors in the same investment strategy offered to you, that is our fiduciary duty